Reminder to Report and Remit Deposits and Container Recycling Fees to Encorp for Sales from April 1 Onward

All beverage product brand owners with signed Brand Owner Agreements with Encorp as their agent for the EPR Beverage Containers Program in New Brunswick must report quantities and remit deposits, along with container recycling fees (CRFs), to us for all deposit-bearing beverage product sales in New Brunswick from April 1, 2024, onward.  

Unless a Remittance Agreement between you and another brand owner registered with Encorp has been submitted and approved by us, you are responsible for reporting on all deposit-bearing beverage containers for your beverage product brand(s).   

Remittance Reports are due monthly following your monthly reporting period; however, some brand owners may have less frequent reporting schedules in place which would have been communicated and agreed to through prior correspondence with Encorp. 

Remittance Reports must be done through our Brand Owner Portal, which can be accessed at (Scroll down to find and click on the green “Brand Owner Portal” button under the section “Reporting & Remitting Deposits and Container Recycling Fees” of this webpage.)    

Once logged in to the Brand Owner Portal, simply enter quantities of deposit-bearing beverage products by container category. The form will automatically apply and calculate the appropriate deposits and CRF amounts and display the total payment that must be remitted to us. Each submitted Remittance Report generates a confirmation email along with an attached invoice. 

A more detailed guide on using the Brand Owner Portal, should you need it, is available on our website 

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