Quick Guide to Using Encorp’s New Brand Owner Portal

Now that the Beverage Containers Program has transitioned to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), brand owners with signed Brand Owner Agreements with Encorp as their agent for this new EPR Program must report quantities and remit deposits, along with the new container recycling fees (CRFs), to us for all beverage container sales in New Brunswick from April 1, 2024, onward.  

Unless a Remittance Agreement between you and another brand owner registered with Encorp has been submitted and approved by us, you are responsible for reporting on all deposit-bearing beverage containers for your beverage product brand(s).  

Your Remittance Reports must be done through our new Brand Owner Portal, which you can access at encorpatl.ca/epr.  (Scroll down to find and click on the green “Brand Owner Portal” button under the section “Reporting & Remitting Deposits and Container Recycling Fees” of this webpage.)   

This past April, we sent login credentials (username and password) for this Brand Owner Portal via email to all our registered brand owners.  If you have not received them, please email us at epr-rep@encorpatl.ca so that we can set you up with a username and password.  

Once logged in to the Brand Owner Portal, you will need to enter quantities of deposit-bearing beverage products by container category. The form will automatically apply and calculate the appropriate deposits and CRF amounts and display the total payment you need to remit to Encorp. Once you submit your Remittance Report, you will receive a confirmation email along with an attached invoice. 

Remittance Reports using the Brand Owner Portal are due within 10 business days of the end of each of your reporting periods.  

Remittance payment details and deadlines will be indicated on the invoice generated by your Remittance Report 

Important notes for all brand owners: 

  • Once you log in, ensure you select “Sales” to report the beverage containers per reporting period. To make an adjustment to a previous reporting period, click on “Adjustment.” 
  • Even if you have no deposit-bearing beverage containers to report for a given reporting period, you still need to log in and enter “0” in all fields for container categories. 

Important notes for brand owners of alcohol beverage products only: 

  • You must report and remit deposits and CRFs for beverage products manufactured and sold on your premises, as well as those sold to other establishments/retailers for sale in New Brunswick, excluding Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) and its distribution network. (ANBL handles reporting sales and remitting deposits and CRFs to Encorp on your behalf for all your beverage products distributed through its distribution systems, including agency stores.) If ALL your beverage products are exclusively sold in New Brunswick through ANBL and its distribution systems, you DO NOT need to complete or submit Remittance Reports to Encorp. However, we recommend keeping your Brand Owner Portal login credentials for reference in case you begin selling products on-site – outside of ANBL and its distribution system – at a later date. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance using our new Brand Owner Portal, don’t hesitate to contact us at epr-rep@encorpatl.ca or 1-877-389-7320 (press 2 to be directed to the help options for brand owners). 

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