Operations & Logistics

All up-to-date documents from Encorp’s Operations & Logistics binder for redemption centres (RCs) can be downloaded from this page by clicking on any of the images.

The Operations & Logistics binder is meant to help RC operators and staff by putting in one place all the guides, instructions, and notices provided by Encorp to RCs related to operations and logistics.

Whenever new or updated information needs to be provided to RCs for inclusion in this binder, RC operators will be notified by email and given a link to download the required document to print and insert.

Information to Note for RCs

Emergency Contacts List

Sort List

Illustrated Guides on How to Sort & Bulk



PET / HDPE Translucent (Non-Alcohol)


All Other Plastics / Pouches

Green Glass
Green Glass
(Alcohol > 500 ml)

Clear Glass
Clear Glass
(Alcohol > 500 ml)

Brown Glass
Brown Glass
(Alcohol > 500 ml)

Refillable Glass (Beer)


How to Close Bulk Bags

Proper Pickups

Pickup Schedules

Hazardous Materials

Customer Service Tips

QC Measures

POS User Manual

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