New EPR Beverage Containers Program

New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program Will Operate Under An Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Model as of April 1, 2024.

On April 1, 2024, the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program (BCP) will migrate to an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program, which will be governed by the New Brunswick Designated Materials Regulation (Clean Environment Act), and fall under the oversight of Recycle NB.

Under the New Brunswick Designated Materials Regulation, no brand owner shall sell, offer for sale or distribute a beverage container to a person in the Province on or after April 1, 2024, unless the brand owner is registered with Recycle NB.

Brand owners must also submit a stewardship plan outlining how their UBCs will be recovered and recycled. Brand owners may assign a producer responsibility organization (PRO) to handle this responsibility and operate a recycling program for beverage containers on their behalf.

Encorp Atlantic/Encorp Atlantique (“Encorp”) is the federally incorporated, not-for-profit PRO appointed to fulfill the Regulation’s requirements for the beverage industry. Encorp will assist beverage product brand owners (as defined by the Regulation) in meeting their obligation to establish collection and recycling programs for beverage containers under relevant provincial EPR legislation. Additionally, Encorp will regularly engage with brand owners and retailers of regulated products to promote awareness of their obligations related to the new EPR Beverage Containers Program in New Brunswick.

Assigning Encorp As Your Agent

Information for brand owners about the EPR Beverage Containers Program and their obligations

Documents to fill and submit to Encorp

Please download these documents, fill them out, save them and submit them to Encorp by email at [email protected].

Reporting & Remitting Deposits and Container Recycling Fees

Brand Owner Portal

Registering with Recycle NB

Recycle NB is the agency responsible for overseeing waste management programs for materials specified in the New Brunswick Designated Materials Regulation. The Regulation mandates that all brand owners of designated materials must be registered with Recycle NB for each product stewardship recycling program they engage in. If your company has previously registered with Recycle NB for another program, you must register again specifically for beverage containers. You will receive a separate registration number from Recycle NB for each program you register for on their website.

Encorp’s Stewardship Plan for the New EPR Beverage Containers Program

As the official PRO that will operate the new EPR Beverage Containers Program, Encorp recently met its obligation of submitting a stewardship plan to Recycle NB, as required by legislation, by August 1, 2023. Our Stewardship Plan was reviewed and approved by Recycle NB, and is now available to access on Recycle NB’s website.

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