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Collection & Transportation

Encorp’s two service providers have been asked to strive to maintain a regular pickup schedule for each redemption centre (except under special circumstances such as bad weather conditions and other unforeseen events) and to communicate daily pickup schedules before 3 pm for the following day. Hebert’s makes its schedule available on its website ( Rayan informs redemption centres via phone or email.

  • Hebert’s (506-773-1880) is responsible for picking up non-glass beverage containers – both alcohol (non-refillable) AND non-alcohol – and supplying redemption centres with the appropriate bulking supplies (bulk bags, clear plastic bags and pallets).  Please note this important update on collection procedures for Hebert’s (dated October 11, 2023)
  • Rayan (506-858-1600) is responsible for picking up glass beverage containers – both alcohol (non-refillable) AND non-alcohol – and supplying redemption centres with the appropriate bulking supplies (tubs).  

Tags & Printing Supplies
For replenishment of shipping tags and printing supplies, redemption centres must contact Encorp Atlantic 1-877-389-7320.

Refillable Beer Containers
Breweries continue to manage refillable beer containers. Redemption centres should refer to them for pickup schedules and instructions.

Handy Visual Aids & Documents – Sorting, Bulking & Pickup Procedures

Clarification – Ceramic Beverage Containers
Encorp has been made aware that Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) has sold certain alcohol beverage products in ceramic containers. Ceramic is not an acceptable container type as per the rules and regulations of the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program. We will work with ANBL to rectify this situation.

Ceramic is also a contaminant for glass and should under no circumstances be placed in tubs with glass beverage containers, as it is stated in our Illustrated Guide: How to Sort and Bulk Glass Beverage Containers.

Redemption centres that receive ceramic beverage containers for alcohol beverage products can accept them from their customers and pay them the deposit refund. However, we ask that you set them aside for now in your centre. View our most recent update on ceramic beverage containers here.

Clarification – Wine Box Bladders
Encorp’s Illustrated Guide: How to Sort and Bulk Non-Glass Beverage Containers says that wine bladders must be removed from wine boxes and that they can be placed in the same clear plastic bag as alcohol pouches. Note that this is optional. Redemption centres can choose to simply continue discarding wine bladders, or, if they want us to collect them, they can place them in the same clear plastic bags as other alcohol pouches (however, wine bladders must not be counted/included as part any total unit counts).


Clarification – Alcohol Steel Cans
There is currently no sort in Encorp’s Sort List dedicated to alcohol beverage steel cans. Since the volume of alcohol beverage steel cans redemption centres (RC) receive is very low, these cans should be placed with non-alcohol beverage steel cans in Sort 8. For each large (> 500ml) alcohol beverage steel can with a 20¢ deposit placed in a sort 8 bulk bag, RCs can add two 5¢ refund units to the total unit count on the bulk bag’s yellow shipping tag in order to be reimbursed the 10¢ refund. View our poster on this topic here

Redemption Centre Contact Information

If you would like to update your contact information or the contact information for one of the redemption centres that you own, please download, fill out, and email the following form to

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