Notice to Redemption Centres – Update on Ceramic Beverage Containers

Dear redemption centre operators,

We have an update to share on the issue of ceramic alcohol beverage containers. Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) is currently depleting its inventory of beverage products packaged in ceramic containers, and effective July 31, 2023, any remaining ceramic alcohol beverage containers will be removed from their store shelves.

We have prepared a poster to inform the public that redemption centres (RCs) will continue to accept and issue refunds for ceramic alcohol beverage containers, even once they are removed from circulation, but the public should try to return all their empty ceramic containers by March 31, 2024. All RCs will receive copies of this poster (see below) in the coming days. We will also do some public education on the topic via our website and social media channels.

We kindly request that you keep accepting and issuing refunds for ceramic beverage containers when you receive some from your customers and set them aside in a dedicated box, bag, or other container. As ceramic is a contaminant for glass, it is crucial NOT to mix them with glass (or any other materials).

Since the volume of ceramic containers RCs receive from the public from time to time is very low, we will organize, via our service provider Rayan, special pickups for these containers every couple of months until March 31, as well as a few pickups after this target date, until we are confident that the majority of these containers have been returned. The first pickup will occur this coming fall. More detailed information regarding this special pickup will be provided in due time.

For RCs utilizing EnSys-Connex, going forward, you can enter quantities for ceramic containers you are refunding your customers in Sort 18 – Glass Large (Brown) to track them for payment in the POS system. However, do NOT mix them with Sort 18 containers. Instead, please keep setting the ceramic containers aside in their own dedicated container – as described above – until Encorp is ready to arrange the first special pickup for these containers in the fall.

For RCs without EnSys-Connex, going forward, keep putting the ceramic containers you are refunding your customers aside, and we will send specific instructions on how to count these for payment from Encorp once we do our first special pickup for these containers in the fall.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these instructions. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Operations, Gilles Doucette.

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Gilles Doucette
Director of Operations
Encorp Atlantic

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