Distributors: Register Your Beverage Products

Beverage distributors are responsible for registering all beverage products they sell in New Brunswick with the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government. A convenient link to the “Beverage Container Registration Form” is supplied on our website. You will find it on the “Important Information for Distributors” page under the “Distributors” menu.

In most cases, it is preferred that the distributor closest to retail in the province be the organization along the supply chain to assume the responsibilities of a distributor under the Beverage Containers Act and General Regulation which include registering as a distributor, registering beverage containers, and remitting deposits to Encorp Atlantic for all non-alcoholic beverage products. If the preferred closest to retail arrangement cannot be accommodated, verification with the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government is required to ensure that another party along the supply chain is fulfilling the distributor requirements. In these cases, confirmation in writing must be kept between both parties on who has taken responsibility as the distributor with respect to registering the beverage containers and remitting the deposits.

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