Reminder: Show Your Barcode to Drivers & Check Your Bulk Bag Inventory

Show Your Barcode to Drivers

We would like to remind all redemption centres to make sure their barcode – which identifies their centre’s BC number – is displayed at all times in their loading area in a highly visible and easily accessible location for drivers. This unique barcode is used to expedite bulk bag pick up and prevent manual data entry errors by drivers. Read our notice below to learn more.

Take note that Encorp is currently developing a small metal sign for all redemption centres which will be able to be mounted to a wall or door to display their barcode and will be delivering these signs over the coming months to each centre. In the meantime, please make sure the current barcode card you were given by Encorp is displayed. Contact us promptly if you have lost it to get a replacement.

Check Your Bulk Bag Inventory

Redemption centres should not have to use bulk bags from Encorp which have large holes or tears. If you discover any in your facility, please set them aside and return them to G.M. Rioux drivers indicating that they are damaged – drivers will then provide you with replacement bags. If the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can do a follow-up to remedy the situation.

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