Reminder – New Deposit-Bearing Beverages

Encorp has handy visual aids available on its website (Containers List page under the RC Operators menu) explaining the changes to the Beverage Containers Program in effect since April 1, 2020, which apply to beverages with dairy, certain plant-based beverages and sports-type drinks. Refund your customers and put the new accepted/deposit-bearing containers in Encorp bulk bags according to material type (sort).

We have received many questions regarding plant-based beverages. You really must look at the label. Refund your consumer if the plant-based beverage’s label either:

  • has no mention of being fortified (which means the beverage is unfortified); or
  • mentions being fortified, but also has a warning about not being a source of protein.

A quick rule of thumb is that most plant-based beverages – other than soy – usually fit one of these criteria (unfortified or fortified but not a source of protein) and have a deposit. Most soy beverages, on the other hand, are excluded from a deposit fee because they are fortified and considered a good source of protein, similar to real milk products.

You should also be on the lookout for cannabis beverages which entered the market this past spring. Cannabis beverages are treated as non-alcoholic beverages and thus respect the same deposit and refund fees as non-alcoholic beverage containers (up to 5 L – deposit 10¢; refund 5¢). Accept and refund these for your customers. Put them in Encorp bulk bags according to material type (sort).

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