Notice: New Deposit-Bearing Beverage Containers + Cannabis Beverages

New Deposit-Bearing Containers

As you know, many new containers that used to be excluded from the Beverage Containers Program are now deposit-bearing and eligible for a refund. Communications about this are available on our website on the Containers List page under the RC Operators menu. Public education materials (posters, brochures) will be delivered by Encorp in the coming weeks. Since these changes came into effect only on April 1st, 2020, and there has been little to no promotion among the public, we do not anticipate high volumes of them being returned for the moment, but please keep an eye out for them and remember to give your customers a refund for them if they bring them in. Learn more.

Cannabis Beverages Follow Same Rules as Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Another recent change you may start noticing at your redemption centre is that there are now cannabis beverages sold in New Brunswick. Cannabis beverages are treated as non-alcoholic beverages and thus respect the same deposit-refund fees as non-alcoholic beverage containers, so please go ahead, and accept and refund these for your customers. Put them in Encorp bulk bags according to material type (sort).

Cannabis Beverages
Up to 5L – Deposit 10¢, Refund 5¢
(Just like non-alcoholic beverages)

We continue to post frequent updates to the News & Updates for Redemption Centres page on our website.

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