Redemption Centres Will Play an Integral Role in the New Extended Producer Responsibility Program – Consultations Coming

This summer has been far from uneventful at Encorp! With the many changes on the horizon regarding the April 1, 2024, migration of the Beverage Containers Program (BCP) to an extended producer responsibility (EPR) model comes much planning. Additionally, our team continues to expand, and we are thrilled to introduce Étienne Lasseube (left) and Mohamed Selmouni (right) as our newest IT members. They will work on our express (drop & go) used beverage containers (UBCs) recycling modernization project for redemption centres (RCs).

The first step in this planning process is submitting our Stewardship Plan for the new EPR program to Recycle NB. Our Stewardship Plan outlines the exciting transformative process we are ready to embark on that will change the nature of UBC recycling in New Brunswick. The long-awaited move towards full refunds for consumers on deposits paid for beverage products planned for April 1, 2024, means RC operators can expect volume increases and a renewed public interest in the program. Our plan calls for providing tools and technologies to RC operators to improve access and convenience to UBC recycling for beverage product consumers, increasing communication and outreach initiatives, and launching specific UBC recycling programs targeted at schools, community groups and associations across the province. The new EPR BCP will prioritize environmental performance, expand UBC return/collection options across the province, enhance the return/redemption experience, and reduce littering in public outdoor spaces.

We believe RCs are an important partner in this transformative process, and we feel it is crucial to include RC operators in the conversation as we prepare to transition to the EPR model. Our vision for the future includes an integral role for RC operators. That is why we have asked consultant Éric Pelletier of Prospectus Associates to help us lead regional consultation meetings with RC operators and establish a working group with independent RCs operators and Eastern Recyclers Association member RC operators. All RC operators should have received a letter by now introducing Éric and will be invited to participate in meetings towards the end of the summer.

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