Recycling Heroes Inspire Murals – Encorp Atlantic and Festival Inspire Come Together to Create Murals with an Environmental Focus Across the Province

Encorp Atlantic – the organization which collects, processes and recycles all non-alcoholic beverage containers that consumers bring to redemption centres in communities across New Brunswick, and Festival Inspire – a public art organization based in Moncton, are joining forces for the creation of murals throughout the province this summer, to encourage recycling.

Encorp’s Be a Recycling Hero!campaign encourages New Brunswickers to step up for the province and its beautiful outdoor spaces by always choosing to recycle instead of discarding or littering with used beverage containers.

Transforming a neglected public space with art is another form of “recycling.” Says Encorp’s General Manager Pierre Landry, “Art makes our public spaces more beautiful and inviting. Space that is cared for in the eyes of the public discourages littering and other practices harmful to the environment and detrimental to our parks, streets, and other public spaces.” 

Landry adds that when out and about enjoying their favourite beverages, New Brunswickers should always make recycling a priority, and either keep empty beverage containers with them to put in their recycling bin or bag at home for their next trip to their local redemption centre or look for and use public recycling bins – depending on which options are offered in their community. No used beverage container should ever end up as litter.

Through this year’s Festival Inspire CreatorClass model, four teams of local New Brunswick artists will be sponsored by Encorp to create murals in four separate parts of our beautiful picture province. The murals are intended to help communities in the province reclaim/recycle a public outdoor space, and help get the word out that littering is a thing of the past. The environmentally informative artworks will be created live alongside litter clean-ups and public info booths. 

“We have been working harder each year to create the greenest events possible and to leverage public education on issues that matter through art. This project marries our passion for art, education, and environment. It gives us another reason to work with our wonderful partners at Encorp again this year,” says Lisa Griffin, Director of Festival Inspire.

The call to municipalities, walls, and artists has been launched and requests can be addressed to the festival team via


Encorp Atlantic : Pierre Landry, General Manager / / 506.389.7320 

Festival Inspire : Lisa Griffin, Executive Director / / 506.988.2601

About Encorp Atlantic

Beverage product distributors founded Encorp Atlantic Inc. in 1992 as a response to the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Act which established a beverage container deposit/redemption program in New Brunswick. Encorp represents more than 85 non-alcoholic beverage product distributors and provides them with used beverage container management services. 

Every year, Encorp recycles more than 160 million non-alcoholic beverage containers in New Brunswick, ensuring that plastics, glass, aluminum, cartons and other materials needed for packaging beverages do not end up polluting landfills, roadways, waterways, and the province’s beautiful outdoor spaces. Learn more at

About Festival Inspire

Festival Inspire was founded in 2014 to activate imagination in the celebration of all things ART in Atlantic Canada.

The Festival Inspire creates a proactive culture of art in public spaces in Downtown Moncton. Dynamic murals and public art replace dull walls that were subject to vandalism or ‘tagging’, neglect or despair. Everything is created in high traffic, high visibility areas to be experienced by the largest audience possible, and in derelict or vacant urban spaces for the purpose of reactivating those spaces. By creating a collaboration between local businesses, artists, community organizations and residents, the organization offers long-lasting character, energy and beauty, economic growth and prosperity to the City.

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