RC Standards – Consultations Underway

Encorp has been working with stakeholders to lead the development of a set of minimum standards related to customer service, hours, facility appearance & operations, and other regulatory requirements to obtain a Redemption Centre Operating Licence from the New Brunswick Government. All Beverage Containers Program (BCP) stakeholders are currently involved in a consultation process which started this past August: the NB Government (DELG), redemption centres (Eastern Recyclers Association) and distributors (ANBL and Encorp).

Setting standards will help establish a level playing field, improve consistency of the container recycling/redemption experience for consumers, and ensure redemption centres (RCs) are ready/able to integrate technology tools — such as our EnSys-Connex POS system and bag drop options — to modernize the UBC collection network.

The standards will most likely be featured in an RC Operations Manual along with tips (handy templates/checklists/tools) that can be used by operators to ensure compliance.

Feedback from consumers on their experience redeeming used beverage containers via an online survey and focus groups is currently underway to help guide these new standards and recommend changes to the program. Feedback from RC operators on the proposed standards will also be solicited once a more formal draft has been vetted by the stakeholders involved in the immediate consultation process.

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