EnSys-Connex POS Pilot to Begin in 2021!

POS system concept showing count/sort tables, customer screens/terminals, printer for customer receipt, as well as the eventual addition of an express (drop & go) recycling lane/terminal (shown here in yellow).

As part of our investment in the modernization of the Beverage Containers Program (BCP), Encorp will soon be piloting a Point-of Sale (POS) system for redemption centres (RCs) to have at the cash/ customer service area. The pilot — which starts in 2021 — will involve 2 RCs for a period of 10 months, followed by a gradual roll-out to all RCs across the province — expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Our POS system — EnSys-Connex — is an auditable system which enables payment for container counts with full traceability back to the original customer transaction. While the data generated by the POS system will be managed by Encorp to facilitate pick-ups and payments, RC operators will have full access to data pertaining to their centre.

As an RC Operator, there are many benefits for you in having such detailed information: better inventory control, ability to analyze historic volumes, performance data and productivity levels, etc. Your customers will be able to see their container counts live on the terminal screen and offered a receipt. This will reduce counting errors and/or disputes, which should make life easier for your staff and increase the transparency of all redemption transactions. Your centre will also be offered free high-quality count/sort tables designed by Encorp along with your POS equipment.

Most exciting of all, the next phase of the EnSys-Connex POS system will give your facility the ability to process bag drop containers. Adding an express (drop & go) recycling lane/terminal in your customer service area is the simplest, most cost-effective, and immediate improvement you can choose when we are ready to roll out our bag drop technology across the province (tentatively scheduled for 2023). Other options will include retrofitting your facility to include bag drop windows or installing modular stand-alone units on-site or at satellite locations — similar to the Re-Centre depots currently used for the pilot project in Moncton — or a combination of all of the above. All these options will be supported by the use of EnSys-Connex

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