Point-of-Sale Update

Installation of Encorp’s EnSys-Connex Point-of-Sale system in redemptions centres (RCs) is proceeding smoothly. We have now completed the installation in a total of 36 out of 69 RCs across the province. This is a step in the right direction for modernizing used beverage container (UBC) collection points. Our goal is to ensure this important technology tool is installed in all remaining RCs by March 31, 2024.

EnSys-Connex is part of our payment system and provides a tracking system with container sorting tables for RC operators at no cost. It is designed to process all deposit-bearing beverage containers received from consumers under the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program, pay out deposit refunds, and manage commercial accounts and inventory. For customers, it provides increased transparency for UBC transactions since they are able to see live container counts on the customer interface screen and are provided with a receipt.

EnSys-Connex is also the foundation for our upcoming express (drop & go) recycling program, which will be rolled out in RCs across the province in the coming years. Once we are able to set up an express drop & go recycling service for NB residents, we can confidently expect UBC return/redemption rates to rise exponentially.

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