Move to EPR – RC Service Agreement

April 1, 2024, was a momentous and historic date for the Beverage Containers Program.  The program’s move to an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model with new rules and regulations under the New Brunswick Designated Materials Regulation (Clean Environment Act) has brought about significant change to how the program is structured. Beverage product industry brand owners are now fully responsible for the management of their waste (beverage containers). On behalf of these beverage product brand owners, Encorp is taking on the role of administration for the program – as their designated producer responsibility organization.  

Encorp highly values its longstanding relationship with redemption centres (RCs) and the move to EPR promoted the need to establish the basis of our business-to-business relationship moving forward with RCs through an official Redemption Centre Service Agreement. Such an agreement is the first of its kind proposed within the Beverage Containers Program, and we understand that change can be both challenging and rewarding. However, we have been intent on listening to RC operators throughout the process.   

The initial draft was shared with all RCs for feedback in late January 2024, and subsequent changes were made and agreed to by the parties involved. We believe the finalized agreement, reached through recent negotiations, is fair, reasonable, and beneficial for all parties involved. Currently, the document is undergoing a final review and translation by both legal teams.  

We appreciate the patience and cooperation of all RC operators during this extended process. Rest assured; the finalized agreement will be communicated to all operators promptly. Those who have already signed agreements will have the opportunity to review and re-sign the final version that incorporates all amendments made during the negotiation process. 

The transition to EPR has already brought numerous benefits for consumers and RC operators in New Brunswick, such as streamlined administration, reduced sorting, and full refunds on beverage container deposits. 

Consumer response has been positive, with return rates reaching post-pandemic lockdown levels, and we anticipate this trend to continue into the spring and summer, driven by the introduction of full refunds on deposits and our enhanced communication efforts. While we hope the increased refunds will continue to boost redemption rates, we’re also focusing on initiatives like our school recycling program to increase volumes at RCs across the province. 

Our Stewardship Plan, approved by Recycle NB, emphasizes environmental performance as our primary goal. We’re dedicated to increasing New Brunswick’s beverage container recovery rate and are keen to collaborate closely with RC operators to achieve this.

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