Important Notice for Redemption Centre Operators – Changes Coming at Encorp April 1, 2023

Attention all redemption centre operators,

We wish to inform you that starting April 1, 2023, a new non-profit organization will take over the responsibilities of Encorp Atlantic Inc. The new non-profit organization will still be called Encorp Atlantic but will now act as a single agent for both alcohol and non-alcohol beverage product distributors and thus manage recycling of all deposit-bearing beverage containers (except refillable beer).

There will also be changes to Encorp’s service provider contracts – with new pickup schedules divided by glass material sorts vs. non-glass material sorts.

These changes will require a few slight adjustments to how redemption centres sort/bulk beverage containers.

In the following documents, we explain in detail what to expect as of April 1. Please take the time to review, and should you need clarifications or have further questions, email us at or call us at 506.852.1965 (Patrick Surette).

Note that all redemption centres will also receive printed copies of these documents via courier in the coming days. The Sort List and the two illustrated guides will be in a large poster-size format to be hung on the wall for quick/easy staff reference.

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