EnSys-Connex Gathering Positive Reviews in Trial Phase

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Encorp’s newest technology tool to improve operations and drive efficiencies at the redemption centre (RC) level –EnSys-Connex – is being piloted in two RCs since April 2021 – Valley Redemption Centre and Acadia Bottle Exchange. This Point-of-Sale (POS) system has been purpose-built by Encorp for New Brunswick RCs to process all deposit-bearing beverage containers received from consumers under the Beverage Containers Program (alcoholic, non-alcoholic and refillable), pay out deposit refunds, and manage commercial accounts and inventory. For customers, it will provide increased transparency for all used beverage container (UBC) transactions, since customers will see live container counts on the customer interface screen and be provided with a receipt.

Our 9-month trial of EnSys-Connex with these two RCs has been providing our IT team with feedback on how our equipment and software perform in a real-time environment. We plan to continue to make improvements and to start to roll out this technology to all RCs in the province as of January 2022.

Acadia Bottle Exchange in Cap Pelé, currently under the new ownership of Mr. Kim Seunghwan, reports the system is working very well and that there are no complaints from staff nor management. It is very exciting to have the new system in our centre – I definitely think it will bring us a lot of efficiency in our work and time management, he says. The main challenge thus far has been figuring out common vocabulary to use on the staff interface screen related to material sorts. It is intended that EnSys-Connex be able to support English and French as the primary interface languages, and the provincial roll-out version will most likely feature icons next to descriptive text, so that staff with limited knowledge of either language can quickly identify the right buttons to select when going through redemption transactions with customers.

EnSys-Connex is also getting good reviews from Mr. Mario Maillet, owner of Valley Redemption Centre – which integrated the system to operations in its Dieppe location. He reports that “transactions are faster at the cash, and bulk bag counts are a lot more accurate since there is now less opportunity for errors. In addition, staff has adapted to EnSys-Connex quickly. It gives our centre a better image and provides a more positive customer experience.”

The most exciting thing about EnSys-Connex is that it is an essential technological data processing tool needed in RCs for Encorp to launch its province-wide Re-Express program (drop & go service) – which will greatly increase access and convenience to recycling and redeeming deposit-bearing beverage containers for consumers. Adding a self-serve Re-Express Kiosk inside an RC facility is the simplest and most cost-effective improvement RC Operators will be able to choose when we are ready to roll out our Re-Express branded bag drop technology across New Brunswick (tentatively scheduled for 2023). Other options will include retrofitting facilities to add Re-Express windows or installing Re-Expess depots in RC parking lots or at satellite locations (similar to the Re-Centre depots currently used for our bag drop pilot project in the Moncton area).

We are pleased the trial is going well and that RCs report ease of use, quick staff adaptation, and clear operational efficiency improvements. As we get nearer provincial deployment, RC operators have been invited to our Moncton office to view our EnSys-Connex demonstration site to get more information and see the system in action.

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