EnSys-Connex Point-of-Sale System Pilot Begins

As part of our investment in the Beverage Containers Program’s (BCP) modernization, Encorp has started piloting its EnSys-Connex Point-of-Sale (POS) system. The eight-month pilot — which began in early April – involves two redemption centres (RCs). The pilot period will be followed by a gradual roll-out to all RCs across the province — expected to be completed by the end of 2022. EnSys-Connex is the first large investment in technology we are making at the RC level to give tools to RC operators to better manage their businesses and improve convenience and access for their customers.

EnSys-Connex will be used to process all deposit-bearing beverage containers received from consumers under the BCP (alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and refillable), pay out deposit refunds, and manage commercial accounts and inventory. EnSys-Connex will provide traceability of containers back to the original consumer transaction and increase the transparency of these transactions for consumers – since they will see live container counts on a customer display screen and be provided a receipt when returning and redeeming empty beverage containers at an RC.

Most exciting of all, EnSys-Connex will be the backbone of Encorp’s future province-wide Re-Express program (drop & go service). Adding a self-serve Re-Express Kiosk inside an RC facility is the simplest and most cost-effective improvement RC Operators will be able to choose when we are ready to roll out our Re-Express branded bag drop technology across New Brunswick (tentatively scheduled for 2023). Other options will include retrofitting facilities to add Re-Express windows or installing Re-Expess depots in RC parking lots or at satellite locations (similar to the Re-Centre depots currently used for our bag drop pilot project in the Moncton area).

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