Customers Satisfied with Expediency of re360 Concept

Photo: Paul Thibodeau – Owner of redemption centre BC 08-01 – Rivière-Verte

No technology demonstrates greater benefits to redemption centre (RC) operators having your customers count their beverage containers prior to redeeming them (Express Bag $2/40 pilot project). Now the reusable re360 box currently being tested in three redemption centres (Moncton, Dieppe and Rivière-Verte) is showing similar results. This concept will likely take some time to show tangible benefits to your customers, but in the long run, we are hopeful that all New Brunswick consumers will see its value and convenience.

Preliminary data so far indicates that customers are satisfied with the expediency of this approach while participating redemption centres are stating good to excellent accuracy. Interested redemption centres can contact Encorp Atlantic if they want to take part in this pilot project. Customers can purchase up to two re360 green boxes at $5 each.

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