Beverage Containers Part of the BCP – Check your Products List

Encorp encourages all its distributors to visit our website ( for a variety of reference tools related to beverages included/excluded in the Beverage Containers Program (BCP), such as our handy poster and searchable reference tool related to the new products which are deposit-bearing in New Brunswick—changes in place since April 1, 2020 (beverages with dairy, certain plant-based beverages, and certain sports-type drinks). You can find this information in the “Distributors” menu—look under the “Which Beverage Products Are Deposit-Bearing?” section on the “Registering & Selling Beverage Products in NB” page.

We have led some store audits since these changes came into effect—and these audits have alerted us to the fact that there continues to be errors with many products on the shelves at various New Brunswick retail locations. Distributors are responsible for ensuring their beverage products properly account for the deposit if they are included in the BCP. If not already done so, we highly recommend reviewing your entire non-alcoholic beverage product list to ensure compliance with the program (registration as well as remittance of deposits).

To further assist our distributors, Encorp staff is available to check your product list for accuracy. If you would like us to do an extensive review, please send us the list of all non-alcoholic beverages for sale in your stores (Excel format), and we will verify if you are charging deposits properly on these beverage products. Submit your list to Colette Boucher at

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