Upcoming Recycling Heroes In School Program

Encorp is preparing to launch its new school recycling program this fall. Our Recycling Heroes in School program will aim to increase used beverage container (UBC) recycling across the province by providing schools in New Brunswick with the supplies required to recycle UBCs and the connections to make this process convenient. To further benefit the schools in the program and encourage them to recycle as many UBCs as possible, we will provide the schools with additional incentives, such as matching the funds for their returned beverage containers until March 31, 2024, and various UBC recycling contests and prizes throughout the school year.

Participating schools will be provided EnSys-Connex commercial accounts so that we can track their UBC redemption volumes and reward the top-performing schools. Giving schools commercial accounts will also make it easier for them to use UBC recycling to raise funds by asking members of their communities to donate their UBC deposit refunds. Encorp will prioritize the schools that already recycle with RCs, then will open the program to other schools. Encorp will also work together with schools and RCs to facilitate the logistical aspect of UBC returns.

Keep an eye on Encorp’s website and social media accounts in September for communications surrounding the program’s official launch. In the meantime, more information about this program can be obtained by inquiring directly to Sereana Simpson at sereana.simpson@encorpatl.ca.

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