School Recycling Program & RC Connection

Hello redemption centre operators,

Encorp will be launching a new school recycling program in the fall that schools across the province will be able to begin signing up for starting in September. As part of the program, Encorp will be providing participating schools with the following:

  • Recycling supplies including recycling bins and bulk bags.
  • As a special incentive for the first year of the program, until March 31st, 2024, Encorp will provide participating schools with the full deposit refund on their returned UBCs. (Encorp will do this by issuing participating schools cheques matching the funds they will have earned by redeeming UBCs from September 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024.)
  • Prizes for the top-performing schools.
  • UBC recycling educational contests for classrooms with lots of opportunities to win prizes. Additional benefits.

In preparation for this program, we would like to get feedback from RCs currently using EnSys Connex, as we will be matching participating schools to RCs with the POS in order to be able to track their UBC returns, reward the top-performing schools, and match deposit refunds.

In brief, we would like to understand how RCs currently deal with UBCs from schools, and if they would be willing to participate in picking up UBCs from nearby schools (a financial compensation from Encorp will be given to RCs who offer this service).

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