“Recycling Matters. Full Refunds Add Up” Campaign Gathers Momentum in New Brunswick

Since April 1, 2024, the new EPR Beverage Containers Program has brought a very exciting change for consumers: an increased financial benefit of recycling empty beverage containers. The shift from a half-back deposit refund system to a full deposit refund system has been widely welcomed across the province. Encorp’s “Recycling Matters. Full Refunds Add Up.” campaign highlights this change through ads on the web, social media, city transit, digital billboards, screens in malls, cinemas, restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, retail PA systems, and local radio stations. We hope this campaign that shines a positive light on the increased financial incentive to recycle will help motivate consumers who weren’t recycling their deposit-bearing containers to start doing so. 

In just over three months, the campaign’s digital reach has exceeded 425,000 impressions, with web and social media ads generating over 144,000 engagements (link clicks, comments, shares, likes), resulting in a very high engagement rate (33,82%). Recycling Matters ads are certainly catching the eye of New Brunswickers on social media! All ads will continue to run predominately throughout the summer and into the fall.  

Encorp invites retailers to join our communication and public education efforts by using our “Recycling Matters. Full Refunds Add Up.” promotional materials near beverage displays and checkout areas. Shelf-talkers and posters are available and can be ordered free of charge from Encorp or downloaded and printed in-house. A Retail Promotions Toolkit with more information and links to all these materials is available on our website.


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