Recycling Heroes in School Program Officially Launched

Hello redemption centre operators,

Encorp’s new school recycling program, Recycling Heroes in School, has officially launched! Information and an application form for this program can be found on Encorp’s website.

In short, this program intends to increase deposit-bearing beverage container recycling across the province by providing schools with recycling supplies and educational materials, and by setting the schools up with commercial accounts in EnSys-Connex. This will make returning beverage containers convenient for the schools, and it will allow Encorp to track how many beverage containers the schools are recycling, hold contests, and award prizes to the top-performing schools in the program.

Schools will be given a variety of incentives to join the program, including fun promotional materials and prizes for various draws and contests. As a special bonus for the first 50 schools that join the program, Encorp will match all funds earned by schools from recycling beverage containers from September 1 to March 31, 2024. To do this, Encorp will tally the total amount of money each school has raised from the start of the school program until March 31, 2024, and then provide those schools with a cheque matching that amount.

We would like to thank the RC operators that responded to our survey in July and provided feedback on ideas for the school program. Due to the concerns that were raised at that time, Encorp will not be requesting that RCs pick up beverage containers from the schools in the program. Instead, it will be up to the schools themselves to decide how they want to manage the transportation of beverage containers, and Encorp will provide support to the schools to help them facilitate their arrangements.

If any RC operator already has schools recycling with them and wants those schools to join the program, RC operators can inform schools of the program and encourage them to submit an application form on our website. RC operators can also reach out to us directly to provide us with the names of the schools currently returning beverage containers. Encorp will reach out to those schools to encourage them to apply so they can have the chance to win prizes as part of the program.

Every school that joins the program will be given an educational presentation to explain how to properly recycle deposit-bearing beverage containers. Throughout the school year, RCs that are receiving beverage containers from schools officially enrolled in the program can expect to hear from Encorp to check on what the schools are returning and if they’re properly following instructions. Encorp will provide extra education to schools that need it. Schools that are consistently returning non-deposit-bearing beverage containers, containers that are broken/contaminated, etc., even after further education, will be removed from the program. If any RC finds that they are having consistent issues with a school before we get in touch with them, please reach out to us to inform us of the issues.

If you have any questions or concerns about the school recycling program, please email [email protected].

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