Quality Control Webinar Follow-up

Encorp extends its gratitude to all redemption centre (RC) operators who participated in our Quality Control (QC) Webinar on May 24. A summary document with questions, comments, and concerns received was shared with the Department of Environment on June 1. This document is available on our website’s QC page at https://encorpatl.ca/rc-operators/quality-control. We will address all the actions outlined in this document and any additional recommendations provided by the Department.

Excitingly, in the fall, RCs will receive their first QC Accuracy Trend Report. We will also introduce our Accuracy Awards, recognizing RCs that have shown excellent accuracy trends over the past 12 months. These awards will be given twice per year. Each RC that receives an Accuracy Award will be sent gift cards for every member of its staff and management team so that all employees can be rewarded for their work.

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