Promotional Campaign: “Recycling Matters. Full Refunds Add Up.”

The most immediate and exciting change for consumers with the new EPR Beverage Containers Program will be the financial benefit of recycling empty beverage containers. For more than 30 years now, New Brunswick consumers have been used to paying deposits when purchasing sealed, ready-to-drink beverage products and getting back half of these deposits as a refund when returning empty containers for recycling at used beverage container return facilities, known as “redemption centres.” Starting April 1, 2024, the Designated Materials Regulation requires that these deposits be fully refunded to consumers at redemption centres – meaning more money back into their pocket when recycling!

Encorp’s “Recycling Matters. Full Refunds Add Up.” campaign will highlight the exciting news that deposits on beverage containers are fully refundable when consumers do the right thing – recycle their empty containers! The campaign will be visible online and in various traditional advertising formats in communities throughout New Brunswick. Additionally, consumer education will take place at redemption centre locations.

Encorp invites retailers to join the cause by utilizing the creatives it has developed for their beverage product displays and in-store point-of-purchase (checkout) areas. The creatives emphasize the benefits of returning empty beverage containers to redemption centres for full refunds on deposits and provide a link to Encorp’s website for more information. A Retail Promotions Toolkit with these creatives and more details is available on our website at

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