POS Update

Installations of Encorp’s EnSys-Connex point-of-sale (POS) system continue to roll out smoothly and efficiently across the province. We expect to have the POS system installed at 47 redemption centres (RCs) by the end of 2023!

We recently reached out to RC operators and staff who have been using the EnSys-Connex to see how well the POS system has been working for them, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback! Most RC operators and staff have found the system helpful in many ways – evidenced by 88% of respondents who rated it 4 stars or higher. Over 50% of the survey respondents found inventory management to be the most beneficial feature offered by the POS system, and many respondents left comments saying that they’re “very pleased with the system,” and that they “love the ease of the system”. “Everything is quick to access and so easy to understand. A lot of time saved thanks to this system.” (Translated from French).

We also received plenty of great suggestions on how to improve the system, and we will be reviewing all the comments left by respondents. Thank you so much to everyone who provided feedback!

If you would like the EnSys-Connex POS system installed at your RC, reach out to us at info@encorpatl.ca and we’ll book an installation for you.

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