Point-of-Sale System (EnSys-Connex)

We are excited to start the field-testing phase of our much-awaited Point-of-Sale (POS) system (known as EnSys-Connex) with two redemption centres (RCs) starting this March. The provincial roll out is scheduled to take place once the field-testing is complete, commencing in early 2022. The development and deployment of EnSys-Connex is part of our investment in the modernization of the Beverage Containers Program.

EnSys-Connex is an auditable system which enables payment for container counts with full traceability back to the original customer transaction. While the data generated by EnSys-Connex will be managed by Encorp to facilitate pick-ups and payments, RC operators will have full access to data pertaining to their centre. Customers will be able to see their container counts live on the terminal screen and offered a receipt. RCs will also be offered free high-quality count/sort tables along with their EnSys-Connex equipment—giving their customer service area an instant facelift/more modern look and feel. Most exciting of all, EnSys-Connex will eventually give all RCs across the province the ability to process bag drop containers, thus making a provincial drop & go network for beverage container recycling possible in New Brunswick!

In anticipation of the 2022 provincial roll-out of this new technology tool, we have a fully operational demonstration site in our office with a terminal, cash-out station, and sorting tables, and we will be inviting RC operators to come view this demonstration site to see EnSys-Connex in action and talk about its benefits.

Our staff celebrated the end of 2020 with a contest to see which one of us could sort, count, and process a transaction the fastest! We were thrilled to see that the user-friendly interface allowed each staff member to achieve excellent accuracy – with the record holder being able to count and sort two large bags of empty beverage containers in under two minutes. We are sure that RC staff, with their many years of experience, will beat our staff record in no time once EnSys-Connex is installed in their facility.

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