Notice to Redemption Centres – Reminder to Return Damaged Bulking Materials + Where to Obtain Clarifications Regarding Logistics

To all redemption centre operators,

Please take note of the following information.

Reminder to Return Damaged Bulking Materials
A reminder that RCs are encouraged to inspect bulk bags/tubs before use and not use damaged bulk bags/tubs (ex.: holes big enough to drop containers, large tears, etc.). We recently received a question about bag ties being damaged. Bag ties that are damaged enough to make it impossible to securely close a bulk bag count as a reason not to use a bulk bag.

All damaged bulk bags/tubs should be returned to Encorp. Please set them aside in your centre and notify our service providers so that they make sure to give you extra replacement bulk bag/tubs during your next pickup. (Hebert’s Recycling is responsible for the green Encorp-branded bulk bags, Rayan is responsible for the tubs and new white bulk bags).

Clarifications Regarding Logistics – Always Contact Encorp
Our Director of Operations, Gilles Doucette, would like to remind RCs that the only instructions regarding sorting and bulking that RCs must follow are those that come directly from Encorp.  If your centre ever receives instructions from drivers that do not align with the information you have been provided by Encorp, or if you are ever unsure about any logistical information, please contact Gilles for clarification (506.389.7325 –

More information

Gilles Doucette
Director of Operations
Encorp Atlantic

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