Notice Regarding Clear Plastic Bags for Alcohol Pouches & Wine Bladders

Our Illustrated Guide: How to Properly Sort and Bulk Non-Glass Beverage Containers instructs redemption centres to keep alcohol pouches and wine bladders in a clear plastic bag. 

The instructions say to then toss the clear plastic bag containing alcohol pouches and wine bladders– when full – inside a sort 23/24 bulk bag. (Note that placing the wine bladders in the plastic bag is optional and meant for centres that would like Encorp to collect them instead of simply discarding them. Wine carton boxes – once bladders are removed – go into their sort 25/26 bulk bag).

We have been receiving some half-empty plastic bags. We ask redemption centres to help us reduce plastic bag waste by avoiding sending us half-empty plastic bags. Ideally, the plastic bag should be filled as much as possible before shipping it to us inside the bulk bag.

Furthermore, our office currently has a large stock of unused Re-Centre and Re-Express branded clear plastic bags left over from our pilot projects which have ended. These bags are no longer needed and can be repurposed for collecting alcohol pouches and wine bladders. Hebert’s will distribute them during upcoming pickups – make sure to request a pack of bags from drivers if you would like to receive and use them. Hebert’s will also continue to supply redemption centres with more plastic bags once we deplete this stock of Re-Centre/Re-Expess bags. (We are looking into various plastic bag options and will most likely bulk order and distribute medium-sized clear plastic bags.)

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Gilles Doucette
Director of Operations
Encorp Atlantic

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