Notice – Redemption Centre Insurance

Redemption centre operators,

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of all redemption centres (RCs) working in partnership with Encorp Atlantic/Encorp Atlantique, we are requesting that all RCs provide proof of general liability insurance with Encorp Atlantic/Encorp Atlantique identified as additional insured. This requirement is crucial to safeguarding both parties’ interests and to mitigate any potential operational disruptions. Maintaining proper insurance coverage is essential to protect against unforeseen circumstances, including accidents or incidents that may occur on RC premises.

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in operational interruptions, including suspension or termination of services provided by Encorp Atlantic/Encorp Atlantique.

Please submit your proof of general liability insurance with the necessary endorsement to Patrick Surette ( by March 15, 2024. Should you have any questions or require assistance in meeting this requirement, please do not hesitate to contact Patrick via email or at 506.389.7320 x 1424, or Gilles Doucette, Director of Operations, at or at 506-389-7325.

RCs that have already provided proof of general liability insurance and added Encorp Atlantic/Encorp Atlantique as additional insured can disregard this notice.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.

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