Notice: Help Maintain an Adequate Supply of Bulking Materials

To all redemption centres,

As we head into the high season with beverage container redemption volumes rising during the spring and summer months, your cooperation is needed to help maintain an adequate supply of bulking materials for the entire network of redemption centres in New Brunswick.

If you have accumulated empty bulk bags in your facility – more than needed for your weekly volumes – please kindly return these extra bags to drivers as soon as possible so that they can be recirculated within the network of redemption centres. This will help ensure that all centres continue to access all the bulking materials they need as volumes steadily increase.

Please note that to further ensure there are no supply shortages, Encorp has recently purchased and will be providing temporary bulk bags until we receive a replenishment of our standard green bulk bags. These temporary white bulk bags have the same dimensions as our standard green bulk bags; however, the bottom does not have a loading loop for the NexGen. You can thus use the white bulk bags for all sorts – except PET and GLASS. See image below.

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