Important Communication to Craft Alcohol NB Members Regarding April 1, 2023 Changes – NB Beverage Containers Program

Encorp has issued an important communication to all members of Craft Alcool NB regarding the April 1, 2023, changes to the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program.

Starting April 1, 2023, members of Craft Alcohol NB will be represented by Encorp as their agent for the recycling of beverage containers and must report and remit to Encorp the deposit fees paid by their customers for the purchase of alcohol beverage products. A letter has been sent to each Craft Alcohol NB member concerning this change and informing them of their official Encorp Distributor Number.  If you are a member of Craft Alcohol NB and you have not received this important letter, please contact Encorp’s office ASAP.

Craft Alcohol NB members can use the New Brunswick Alcohol Beverage Containers Deposit Remittance Form to report and remit to Encorp the deposits collected on beverage containers for alcohol beverage products sold in their retail locations. Note that deposits on beverage containers for alcohol beverage products sold in Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) locations will be reported to Encorp by ANBL  – these should not be reported on Encorp’s form.

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