Be a Recycling Hero

No used beverage container should end up as litter…
You can save it from this dire fate.

It’s 2020, and the world is sending us a wake-up call.

The climate crisis and the recent COVID-19 pandemic are making many rethink our way of life and how we have been treating the environment.

We can all do our part in writing the next chapter.

Getting back to and practising the three “R’s” – reduce, reuse and recycle –  are of utmost importance.

At Encorp, we are all about recycling used beverage containers. In fact, we collect, process, and recycle over 160 million non-alcoholic beverage containers annually in New Brunswick, ensuring that plastics, glass, aluminum, cartons and other materials needed for packaging your favourite beverages do not end up polluting landfills, roadways, waterways, and our province’s beautiful outdoor spaces.

But we can’t do this without your help!

We need every New Brunswicker to step up and make sure no used beverage container ends up as litter.

Did You Know?

As the organization responsible for recycling all non-alcoholic deposit-bearing beverage containers received by redemption centres in New Brunswick, Encorp is proud to be a leader in recycling and industry stewardship for beverage product distributors.

Thanks to your participation, over 4 billion non-alcoholic beverage containers have been recycled in New Brunswick since the start of the province’s deposit refund/return system for beverage containers – the Beverage Containers Program – in 1992!

BUT there is always room for improvement. Annually, approximately 30% of deposit-bearing non-alcoholic containers sold in the province are not being returned to redemption centres. Many of these recyclable beverage containers are being carelessly left as litter on the side of the road, on sidewalks, beaches, trails and other outdoor spaces. Being a Recycling Hero means having a zero-tolerance policy for littering, speaking up when you see someone littering, and making sure to always recycle your empty beverage containers.

Participate in our Campaign!

Being a Recycling Hero is something to celebrate. Your actions will inspire others!

Be part of the movement and tell us why recycling your used beverage containers is important by using the #RecyclingHero hashtag on social media.

You can also download and print our posters!
Hang them up in your community, school, or workplace.

New! Recycling Heroes Inspire Murals

Encorp Atlantic and Festival Inspire – a public art organization based in Moncton, are joining forces for the creation of murals throughout the province this summer, to encourage recycling.

Encorp’s “Be a Recycling Hero!” campaign encourages New Brunswickers to step up for the province and its beautiful outdoor spaces by always choosing to recycle instead of discarding or littering with used beverage containers.

Transforming a neglected public space with art is another form of “recycling.” Art makes our public spaces more beautiful and inviting. Space that is cared for in the eyes of the public discourages littering and other practices harmful to the environment and detrimental to our parks, streets, and other public spaces.

Through this year’s Festival Inspire CreatorClass model, four teams of local New Brunswick artists will be sponsored by Encorp to create murals in four separate parts of our beautiful province. The murals are intended to help communities in the province reclaim/recycle a public outdoor space, and help get the word out that littering is a thing of the past. The environmentally informative artworks will be created live alongside litter clean-ups and public info booths.

Have a wall? Know an artist? Want to volunteer the week of the mural’s installation? For any of these or just more information on the project, please email with the subject line RECYCLING HEROES MURAL. Information on the mural locations, dates of installation, and artists will be posted on both the Festival Inspire & Encorp Atlantic Facebook pages from now until the end of the summer, so like a page and stay informed. And, most of all, keep our beautiful province litter-free!

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