Before You Visit a Redemption Centre

Tips for A Speedy Return

  • Make sure your containers are deposit-bearing because some containers are not eligible for a refund. If you are unsure about a certain container, you can still bring it to your local redemption centre – staff will let you know if it is eligible or not for a refund.
  • Confirm hours of operation at your local redemption centre. Remember that Saturday is usually the busiest day.
  • You can pre-sort and count containers at home. Redemption centre staff will do this for you, but having your containers organized by type (i.e. glass, metal, plastic, carton, etc.) will make getting your refund a lot quicker.

Empty all liquids. 

Do not remove labels.
(Return for Refund message should be visible on the container)

Remove straws and other debris.

Do not crush cans.

Ensure bottles are not broken.

We want your lids!

We’re able to recycle each part of your bottle, including the lids. Next time you’re going to a redemption centre, make sure to bring your lids in your bag or bin with all your empty beverage containers.

Reuse Your Bins or Bags

We encourage you to bring your containers to your local redemption centre in reusable bags, bins or boxes.

If you use garbage bags or other types of disposable plastic bags, you should also think about bringing these home for reuse instead of throwing them away.

Donation Programs & Bottle Drives

Many redemption centres work with charities and organizations to receive bottle drives. If you are interested in donating your containers or setting up a bottle drive, please contact your local redemption centre.


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