Beverage Container Deposits & Refunds

When you buy a drink at the store, you pay a deposit on top of the price of the item. You get this deposit back as a refund if you return the empty beverage container to your local redemption centre.

New Brunswick redemption centres accept and issue refunds for the empty containers of ready-to-drink beverage products you have purchased in NB that are deposit-bearing. Deposit-bearing means that you paid a deposit when you bought the drink.

You get a full refund on the deposit for all deposit-bearing beverage containers that you return to your local redemption centre.

You can expect:

  • To pay a 10-cent deposit and receive a 10-cent refund on most beverage containers
  • EXCEPT large (over 500 ml) glass containers for alcohol beverages – you will pay a 20-cent deposit on these and receive a 20-cent refund.

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