Event Sponsorships

As part of our “Be a Recycling Hero!” campaign, Encorp will be sponsoring various events and festivals being held in New Brunswick throughout the summer months. We already have multiple event sponsorships lined up!

One of the events we will be sponsoring is a popular sand sculpture competition at New River Beach provincial park in July. We will be partnering with MBS Radio for this event, which will provide us with plenty of on-air radio promotions for our Recycling Hero anti-litter message. As the official recycling sponsor, we will be loaning the event organizers our Re-Mobile fundraising trailer, which will provide the 10,000+ event attendees a convenient drop-off location on site for empty beverage containers and make it easy to haul all the collected containers to a local redemption centre (RC) post-event. Funds raised from the deposit-bearing containers collected at this event will be donated by MBS Radio to a local charity of their choice.

We will also be the official recycling sponsor for the Future Forest Festival near Fredericton in August. Last year, the festival collected approximately 34,000 empty beverage containers, which were returned and redeemed at a local RC. The funds were donated to the Minto Fire Department. This year, we will be providing the festival organizers with supplies to make collecting and recycling beverage containers much easier and more efficient for festival attendees, staff and volunteers. With our help, they should be able to raise even more funds this year.

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