Cité-Des-Jeunes-A.-M. Sormany Students Clean Surrounding Community in Edmundston

Cité-Des-Jeunes-A.-M. Sormany’s cleanup event took place throughout the entirety of May. More than 150 students went out throughout that month to clean up garbage and recyclables littering their surrounding community in Edmundston. 

A Month of Cleaning Up 

These phenomenal Recycling Heroes took turns throughout an entire month to clean everything they could find littering their community. The students went out and cleaned not only their own school campus and surroundings, but the areas surrounding the Jean-Daigle Centre, the UMEC campus, and the NBCC campus. From that litter, they found more than 100 beverage containers that they were able to recycle at a redemption centre. 

Their Bizarre Findings 

After spending so much time cleaning up their outdoor spaces, the students came away with dozens of kilograms of trash and recyclables that had been carelessly tossed on the ground. Along with the standard coffee cups and pop bottles lying around, they found some rather bizarre trash, including an oven door, electric wire, exterior siding, shoes, and clothes. 

Thanks so much to the students from Cité-Des-Jeunes-A.-M. Sormany for taking so much time to clean up the litter in their community and recycle the beverage containers they found!  

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