A Promising Start to the Recycling Heroes in School Program

Encorp’s new school recycling program, which launched this past September, has exceeded our expectations, marking an exceptional beginning. Within just a few weeks, we had already surpassed our goal of recruiting at least 25 participating schools in the fall, and we are now well on our way to achieving our ambitious goal of enlisting 50 schools in the program for its first-year roll-out.

The enthusiasm and support from schools that have joined our recycling initiative have been inspiring. Educators have been expressing their appreciation for the program’s environmental impact and its positive influence on their schools and communities. What’s particularly exciting is that these schools have not merely embraced the program, but have also shown an eagerness to engage their local communities in bottle drives, ensuring their school’s success in the program. It’s heartening to witness numerous schools challenging themselves and their communities to collect and return as many beverage containers as possible, motivated by the promise of matched funds and enticing prizes. We eagerly anticipate the results these schools will achieve in recycling over the course of the school year.

A sincere thank you to all the redemption centres (RCs) that have been working with schools in the program thus far. We will continue to match more RCs with schools as we continue to receive applications.

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