Town of Woodstock Cleaned by Its School’s Recycling Heroes

The Woodstock High School grade 9 students and the leadership students in grades 10-12 participated in a town clean-up on the morning of May 10th. Approximately 150 students and 10 teachers participated in the event, resulting in an astounding amount of trash and recyclables that got removed from public outdoor spaces and placed where they belong. 

Many Hands Make Light Work 

With so many Recycling Heroes ready to make a difference, they split up into ten groups. Each group was assigned a different region in town, and they were able to cover most of the key areas in their community. All the garbage they picked up was bagged and left on the side of the main road, which was later picked up by the public works department. The deposit-bearing beverage containers that were collected during the cleanup were later brought to Val’s Bottle Exchange.  

The community was thrilled to see their town cleaned up and cared for by these hard-working students and teachers. The students were also very proud to be part of this initiative and give back to their community. 

Planning for next year 

The money that Woodstock High School received from Encorp’s Community Cleanup Grant went toward gloves and bright t-shirts for the students to wear while cleaning up to help make them more visible to drivers. As they intend to continue this cleanup event in future years, they saved and cleaned the shirts for future use, and are even thinking about what they can get to make next year’s cleanup more successful! 

Thank you so much to this amazing crew of Recycling Heroes for their hard work cleaning up the community of Woodstock. These students are right to be proud of their efforts, and both the community and Encorp appreciate the work they did. 

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