Students Clean Up Harvey Station Community

On the early morning of May 12th, the students of Harvey High School went out to clean up their community. Throughout their school grounds and beyond, these students managed to pick up a surprising amount of garbage and recyclables. Thanks to their efforts, the community of Harvey Station was made more pleasant and inviting for residents and visitors alike.

From the School Grounds to the Shore

Starting early in the morning, students and staff scoured the school grounds and the surrounding area for litter, cleaning up garbage and sorting out recyclables along the way. After some hard work, the cleanup crew took a quick break for snacks and refreshments to prepare for the second half of their event down at the lakeshore.

Cleaning for the Community

With an impressive amount of garbage and recyclables bagged up, the cleanup crew went back to the school from the lakeshore feeling good about how they spent their morning. The areas the staff and students cleaned are frequented not only by the students, but also by members of the community. They were happy to be able to make these areas nice and clean in time for the better weather so they would be more pleasant for everyone that visits.

Thanks so much to this team of #RecyclingHeroes for the work they did on May 12th. Harvey Station is better off because of their help, and will definitely be a beautiful space for anyone to visit this summer!

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