Retail Connectivity Research Project

We are now embarking on phase 2 of the Re-Centre recycling research pilot project and currently seeking a retail partner for a 15-month demonstration project.

The objectives are to test the benefits of retail connectivity and fixed value bags ($2/40). Encorp is looking for a retailer to participate in the retail aspect and measure the benefits for consumers, retailers and recyclers alike. The project will be conducted in the test area designated as the Greater Moncton region. Start date is scheduled for January 2018. End date is set for March 31, 2019.

Requirements for the retail partner:

  • Available parking (minimum of 7 spaces);
  • Agrees to sell Re-Express and Re-Centre bags in store;
  • Agrees to allow customers to cash out in store;
  • Agrees to the installation of a Re-Station kiosk in store.

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