Youth at École Le Tremplin Show Importance of Keeping Beautiful Outdoor Spaces Litter Free

This past June, students at École Le Tremplin school were #RecyclingHeroes thanks to a Recycling Heroes Community Cleanup Grant offered by Encorp Atlantic. Their Community Development Officer had filled out the grant application to plan an activity that would develop a sense of pride in the students and foster civic engagement. The litter cleanup event would also raise awareness of the negative effects of littering on the environment and biodiversity.

The grant given by Encorp allowed the school to purchase garbage bags, gloves, etc. for all participating students, and to organize logistics so that bags filled with litter items found and collected by the students would be sent to the waste management facility, and that the recyclable items found would be sorted and then taken to appropriate places for recycling, such as the local redemption centre for all used beverage containers.

Ms. Annie Boudreau’s grade 6A class and Ms. Julie Roussel’s grade 6C class made it their mission to pick up all the litter items carelessly left on the ground they would find in parts of downtown Tracadie.

The students from Mrs. Michèle Sonier’s grade 8A class and Mrs. Marie-Michelle Paulin’s grade 8B class chose to clean up the shoreline of the Val-Comeau beach. One group picked up litter found on the seaside and the other group on the riverside. It was such a beautiful day, that some took the opportunity to fish for bass. The fishing efforts did were not very successful, but the students had fun finding and picking up discarded litter items and felt good to be helping the environment.

Thank you and congratulations to all these young people for helping to make the beautiful Tracadie region even cleaner! You truly are inspiring heroes, and we hope that your efforts will encourage many other people in the community to think more about the importance of keeping beautiful outdoor spaces litter free.

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