Re360 – Two New RCs Now Participating in Pilot Project

After testing the re360 green recycling boxes for a complete year, the project will now test a different approach. Since April 22, 2018 (Earth Day), two rural RCs are giving away for a limited time offer re360 boxes to their customers. These smaller market centres will be monitored closely to find out if consumers actually use the boxes provided to them and to assess the practicality of these boxes for participants.

Last year, two RCs (Dieppe and Moncton) introduced the re360 green recycling boxes, which allow their clients to save time and money when redeeming their empty beverage containers. The goal is to improve recycling rates by making the experience faster and more practical for consumers.

Made from post-consumer plastic, the re360 boxes are all about improving the customers’ experience while reducing the need for plastic bags and simplifying the RC’s process. Customers who use the re360 boxes will have priority service: they will not need to wait in line and will be able to leave immediately with their emptied boxes. For each reusable box filled with 60 containers, customers receive $3 cash back on the spot.

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