Point-of-Sale Update

So far, we have completed the installation in 23 redemption centres (RCs) and have another 15 RCs confirmed. EnSys-Connex is a purpose-built point-of-sale (POS) system that can process all deposit-bearing beverage containers received from customers, pay out refunds and manage commercial accounts and inventory.

EnSys-Connex is the first large investment in technology since the introduction of the on-board scanners and data-management tracking system (EnSys) on all collection trucks. The POS system will provide many beneficial management tools to RC operators. The system provides traceability of containers from the consumer transaction to recycling markets. It also provides operators with greater insight into their day-to-day operations.

The goals are to help increase the transparency of beverage container redemption transactions for customers, increase RC staff’s counting accuracy and efficiency, improve inventory management abilities and shipping process, and provide centres with reporting tools to help in business decisions.

In addition, EnSys-Connex will be the backbone of the future province-wide Re-Express program, giving qualifying RCs who wish to offer a drop-and-go service to their customers the ability to process and credit bags received from drop-and-go users.

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