Notice from Encorp: COVID-19 – Advance from Encorp & New Directives Concerning Pick Ups (G.M. Rioux)

Attention redemption centre owners and operators,

Another update on the COVID-19 situation which is rapidly evolving:

  • Given these trying circumstances, Encorp has decided to provide a 2-week handling fee advance to all redemption centres based on individual averages. This payment will be processed on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. The advance will be recovered from redemption centres from subsequent payments.  
  • The majority of redemption centres in the province have advised us that they are closed. If you decide to close your centre temporarily or reduce your hours, please notify G.M. Rioux (506-473-1764), the Department of Environment and Local Government (506-453-7945) as well as the Encorp office (1-877-389-7320).
  • Due to the reduced number of redemption centres in operation during this period, pick ups via G.M. Rioux will be done by request only. If your redemption centre is remaining open, it is your responsibility to contact G.M. Rioux (506-473-1764) when you have the minimum quantity of beverage containers ready for pick up as per the Beverage Containers Act:
    • 10,000 non-alcoholic beverage containers.
      (Please note that following your request, G.M. Rioux will have 7 working days to perform this pick up at your redemption centre.)

Staff at Encorp are now, for the most part, teleworking. Expect delays, but rest assured that we will continue to respond to your calls and emails and issue payments.

Note that we post frequent updates to the News & Updates for Redemption Centres page on our website.

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