Re-Centre Pilot Project Launched!

re-center pilot project Launched

Greater Moncton residents will now have an easier and more convenient way to recycle their empty beverage containers. That’s the idea behind Re-Centre, Encorp Atlantic’s unique pilot project being tested in the Greater Moncton region with the aim of revolutionizing beverage container recycling. At the new drop-off self-serve Re-Centre depots, busy consumers can recycle their empty beverage containers at their convenience – with the entire process taking less than one minute. The new Re-Centre depots were launched on Earth Day (April 22, 2014) with a press conference and inaugural first bag drop of recyclable containers.

Consumers who want to use the new Re-Centre depots need to register online at in order to get a card linked to their account. Consumers can then collect their empty beverage containers, drop them off at their convenience at an unmanned self-serve Re-Centre unit and receive their New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage container refund via an online payment system. Behind the scenes, the Re-Centre team collects and sorts the containers daily, confirming accurate container counts and crediting consumers’ accounts with the appropriate refunds.

The two unmanned solar-powered/off-the-grid Re-Centre depots are accessible to the public at 557 Mountain Road and 325 Killam Drive in Moncton. They are open 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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