Grade 4 Students at Lord Beaverbrook School Hold Litter Cleanup Event at Local Skate Park

As an educator, Donna Savoie from Lord Beaverbrook School (Campbellton, NB) always emphasized with her students the importance of giving back to others. She thought it would be a great idea to get her Grade 4 students involved in a litter cleanup event as an environmental education activity that gives back to the community. After applying for and receiving an Encorp  Atlantic Recycling Heroes Community Cleanup Grant (which she shared with Madame Jessika’s Paulin-Savoie’s Grade 1 project at the same school), Mrs. Savoie’s class was ready to organize and hold their very own cleanup event.

Before the class started the actual cleanup, they incorporated the idea with science lessons on habitats and the environment. After watching some powerful videos, Mrs. Savoie interviewed her students on their thoughts about keeping their community clean. They decided to tackle the skate park close to the school because it needed the most attention. With the money received from the Encorp grant, the class bought t-shirts and tie-dyed them, and the students formed cleanup teams and created team name logos. Mrs. Savoie bought BBQ tongs which the students could use as litter pick-up sticks in order to protect their hands. The students also proudly wore their #RecyclingHeroes pins and gloves.
The students had a great day outside doing the cleanup! Mrs. Savoie reports it was one of the highlights of their year. Especially when a local Parks and Recreation worker for the city dropped by to congratulate the students on a job well done. Being in charge of all the beautiful parks in the city, he was pleased to see the students involved and contentious of the importance of keeping such public outdoor areas litter-free. Afterwards, the class celebrated with lunch and a movie.

Mrs. Savoie was truly impressed and proud of her students – as she should be! We are too! Bravo! Every little action makes a difference. We hope you all continue to spread the anti-litter message and inspire others with such positive actions!

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