École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle: A Model to Follow

On the 9th of May, the students from grades 1 through 4 at École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle cleaned up the school grounds and nearby community in Rivière-Verte. These young Recycling Heroes were both excited and proud to make such a positive contribution to their environment and their community.  

A School Dedicated to the Environment

The students at École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle are already familiar with the environment and what they can do to make a difference. The school’s environment committee is made up of its third and fourth-grade students, who already take care of the recycling at school. They’re already soaking up so much information about the environment, from visiting landfills to holding exhibitions at the Centre des arts d’Edmundston made from recycled art. These students are preparing to be Recycling Heroes for life! 

Thanks for the Continuous Efforts 

Thank you to these young Recycling Heroes for taking time out of their days to clean up their community and for their regular efforts to recycle. The effort these students put into caring for the environment and for the community makes Rivière-Verte a better place.  

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